Exploring World Culture Through Art & Fashion

Welcome to the Chieko Gallery Fabric Mosaics

The primary question addressed in the Chieko Gallery, apart from having fun, is who owns culture?  Who can claim culture, who has the right to define it and where did that right come from?  Can Chieko A Japanese girl, born in Africa, India, Scotland, Latin America or on Native American Tribal Lands truly belong to these respective cultures or must she, by virtue of her genetic inheritance, always remain a Japanese girl in an adopted tradition?  Is it possible for Chieko to be authentically Scottish or Latina, can she be a Brahmin or African aristocracy and if so, what does this mean?  Is it permissible for Chieko to be a Native American chief, or is she excluded from this status because of her race and gender?  These are challenging questions and our answers to them could preserve and advance our world’s rich and varied cultural heritage or could render the whole notion of culture irrelevant.


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